We’ve all experienced the feeling of getting it. That math problem, crossword puzzle or the $1,000,000 question on Millionaire – the answer was simple. What if you thought that you had the answer to a bigger problem? What if it was a national or global problem? This is where I found myself recently.

Two years ago, my family experienced a life changing event. After doctoring for digestive problems all of her life, my wife just had surgery on her pancreas. She was told that she would eventually need a pacemaker implanted in her stomach and would also need a pancreatic transplant at some point. This was pretty harsh news for someone in their mid 20’s. Plus, this was coming from a highly acclaimed specialist – an expert! Who were we to question this diagnosis? My wife is an RN by trade, but she wasn’t a digestive tract expert. And me, I was educated in finance. How could we refute this diagnosis? Some of the problems that she had up to that point were: severe gastritis, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, hiatal hernia, stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, dysfunctional gallbladder (which was later removed), paralyzed stomach and chronic pancreatitis. She was also suffering from migraines and chronic fatigue syndrome. Basically, her mid-section was sore/tender all of the time (more so after meals), she experienced migraine headaches weekly and she was tired most of the time. Whew!

Months after the surgery, the symptoms continued to persist. We figured that her specialist must be right and it was only a matter of time before that stomach pacemaker and eventual transplant would be needed. What happened next was nothing less than a miracle and has changed our lives forever. One day, a family member introduced us to a more natural way of eating. It was explained that the foods/liquids that we were consuming were having a negative impact on our lives and were contributing to these digestive problems. How could this be? We ate pretty healthy we thought, but at this point would give anything a try. I remember saying that we would give it a week. What did we do? We ate only meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and drank water. We avoided anything packaged, processed and anything with preservatives. It sounded pretty restrictive, but “it’s only for a week” I remember thinking.

After only a couple days of eating differently, my wife’s stomach was no longer tender. She was migraine free and no longer tired during the day. We were elated! We might not have yet been immediately convinced, but were thrilled. How could something so simple reverse years of ailments? Why didn’t the specialists just tell us to correctly modify our diet? Soon enough we were both convinced. Within a few months, she got off of all prescription medications and hasn’t been on anything since. Now, after over 2 years of following a better way of eating, none of her prior symptoms have returned.

Could it be that the health issues that plague many of us today (cancers, heart disease, obesity etc.) be avoided or reversed? How much of an effect does what you eat really have on your well being? This research has led me to create bewelldiet.com with the objective of explaining what to do and why. Are these simple concepts world-changing? Whatever your health issue may be – give eating better a try. You won’t regret it.

First Published on: December 17, 2007

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