Norris, who was a nature artist and bow hunter, had died 5 years earlier.  Now we were putting his wife in a hospice. It was North Memorial residential hospice. Each room in this hospice has a picture window that faces a lake and the beds are positioned to take in this view. Not more than an hour after we settled her in her bed, a beautiful eight point buck came up and stared at her window. The nurses said that they had seen many doe, but never a buck. The buck gracefully walked away and we did not see him again. Two weeks later, the nurse woke us (by now we were by her side day and night) and told us that it would be within the hour that she would leave us. Less that thirty minutes later she took her last breath. It was 1:48 a.m. At 2:00 a.m. a buck (the same buck?) came into the yard. There was a light snow and that buck just held his head high. He stayed with us for two hours while we grieved and took our own deep breathes as it had been a long struggle. We told the nurses that they could call the mortuary, and the buck walked away. We are confident that Norris had come to take the love of his life. Now, two weeks ago in this year 2007, an eight point buck stood in our back yard, in Golden Valley! It had been ten years since Norris died. We are confident that he is in a good and beautiful place.

First Published on: December 28, 2007

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