Kid’s, this is the story of “How I met your mother.”

It was a Friday, and Groundhog’s day in 2001. I spent most of the day in Chicago for work. There was something special in the air. I now know what it was. Traveling in my cab to airport to catch a 5p Flight to Minneapolis I remember having a fun conversation with my best childhood friend, who was gathering with others at my house to greet me. Since it was my birthday weekend, we were going to go out on the town to celebrate. Most of us were single, so that adds another element of excitement to the mix.

I showed up at my house, 20 minutes North of the airport and to my surprise were 5 of my best buddies, big smiles and all, ready to get the evening started and get downtown. I showered, dressed and we were on our way.

Something was still in the air. A 70’s cover band, “Boogie Wonderland” was playing at one of my favorite music venues, “The FineLine” on 1st Avenue in downtown Minneapolis. I remember going to the 2nd floor balcony with the boyz and meeting a few more friends as well. We had about 10 boyz in our group that evening, having a few cocktails, doing whatever it is that boyz do on a Friday night.

I’ve never been afraid, or had a problem with approaching the ladies. I’m sure I’ve made a fool of myself a time or two. I saw 3 nice looking ladies dancing to beat the band near the railing on the 2nd floor. I decided to walk over. I asked the ladies, “Does anyone dance.” One of the ladies, Michelle, grabs her friend, Jessie, and throws her at me. In slow motion, something special “WAS” happening… Jessie launches forward, and about ready to do a face-plant from Michelle’s force, I lunge forward and save her from hitting the floor, and a lifelong of unpleasant dentist visits. We exchanged small talk, re-taught her how to jitterbug and the rest is history and none of your business.

At the end of the evening, the most beautiful woman in the world in slick red pants was giving me her business card. Talk about the use of technology, I emailed her the next Tuesday and mentioned how much of a pleasure it was to meet her. We went out that Friday night and small boutique restaurant, where I later proposed to her, exactly 1 year from the day I met her – Groundhog Day.

What I didn’t know until years later is that they had seen us group of boyz earlier in the evening. Jessie had also noticed me. We laugh about this story today. Yes, it was the fall that sealed the deal in my mind, but really what sealed the deal was having good friends around us. Had our friends not been able to visit and get along that evening, we would not have sealed any deals, nor exchanges of business cards. We were brought together for a reason – through our friends.

So Kid’s, always surround yourself with good people, good friends and you’ll be just fine. And, if a true friend throws you someday, have faith that he/she may be doing it for a reason, and somebody may catch you.

First Published on: July 27, 2008

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