Share your EHFAR® story(s) and relate with others at EHFAR® Blog. Whether someone (or something) came into your life for a reason at a certain time or you’ve found miraculous strength from +Energy, we invite you to share it. +Energy can be shared in the form of quotes, books, art, music and not limited to form of expression.

As mentioned in the EHFAR® Definition, most who believe “Everything Happens For A Reason” first become aware of the philosophy through:

  • Someone coming into your life for a reason at a certain time
  • Something at a time that seemed horrible, painful and unfair
  • Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness, sheer stupidity
  • A conversation with someone you’ve never talked to before
  • Success and/or downfall(s)
  • Hurt, betrayal or a broken heart
  • Loss of a loved-one
  • Love
  • Awareness, and appreciating every moment
  • Self-Doubt

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